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Source: Here’s what US lawmakers have done about gun control since the Parkland shooting – CNN

Down to the smallest populated counties, even here in Habersham County the emotion of Gun Violence is felt.  A recent bomb threat at North Habersham Middle School brought the fear and panic associated with Mass Shootings as the school was evacuated and the grounds were swept for explosives.  Not what our students should be experiencing.  Enough is Enough.

Democrats of North East Georgia gathered this past Saturday to express their need for Common Sense Gun legislation and students and teachers presented various emotional experiences they have had.  This should not be a one time event.  A committee should be formed, locally, to expand the exposure that this event has begun.  The severe hearing loss in Washington and the Red State philosophy of guns everywhere needs a severe shock and continuing the fight is the only prospect for success.  Emphasis on non partisan support and creating a support base large enough to garner the attention of legislators seems to be the chosen method to accomplish this.  Join with the Democrats.

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