The Habersham County Democratic Party will meet Tuesday, April 3, at 6:30pm at the Cornelia Library.  Our guest speaker is David Cooper, candidate for US Congress in the 9th District.  Whether you are new to Habersham County or a long time resident, we welcome all persons in Northeast Georgia who want to support the goals of making Habersham County an exceptional place to live, work and raise a family.  This will be our last meeting before several big events including the Mountain Laurel Festival in Clarkesville Saturday, May 19th, and the Georgia Primary on Tuesday, May 22.  Be thinking of how we can get people to the Polls!!

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Source: Record GOP congressional retirements as 2018 midterms loom

This news coupled with the expected Blue Tsunami at the polls in November is exciting.  To return the ownership of the House to it’s rightful owner is the best way to address the GOP and their man child leader.  Returning a moral compass to our national politics is a reasonable goal.  Gerrymandering is still our largest issue and the biggest abuse the GOP has perpetrated on our nation.  There are many geographical areas severely effected by this practice.  Eric Holder is addressing this with the help of Barrack Obama.  Their success needs the support of all of us up to and including elections in November.

Source: Here’s what US lawmakers have done about gun control since the Parkland shooting – CNN

Down to the smallest populated counties, even here in Habersham County the emotion of Gun Violence is felt.  A recent bomb threat at North Habersham Middle School brought the fear and panic associated with Mass Shootings as the school was evacuated and the grounds were swept for explosives.  Not what our students should be experiencing.  Enough is Enough.

Democrats of North East Georgia gathered this past Saturday to express their need for Common Sense Gun legislation and students and teachers presented various emotional experiences they have had.  This should not be a one time event.  A committee should be formed, locally, to expand the exposure that this event has begun.  The severe hearing loss in Washington and the Red State philosophy of guns everywhere needs a severe shock and continuing the fight is the only prospect for success.  Emphasis on non partisan support and creating a support base large enough to garner the attention of legislators seems to be the chosen method to accomplish this.  Join with the Democrats.

Source: March for Our Lives Highlights: Students Protesting Guns Say ‘Enough Is Enough’ – The New York Times

Habersham county hosted it’s own March for our lives demonstration on March 24th.  A gathering of about 50 folks from Rabun, White, Banks, Stephens and a few other counties in North east Georgia joined the National movement to protest the lack of action on Gun Violence legislation in the U. S.

Students, teachers and parents openly protested against politicians and the NRA for ignoring the safety concerns on our streets and school campuses.  Many emotional stories were shared proclaiming the fear that is felt daily by students and teachers alike.  Enough is Enough, the hope that Parkland, Florida will become the last to ever experience the loss of its students and teachers.

Source: Bob Corker: President Trump firing Robert Mueller would cause ‘total upheaval’ in Senate

While we have two sides on the Impeachment issue and GOP Senators act like they are walking on eggs we have a few that will not return.  All have certain talking points that attempt to be pointed but none go as far as actually saying Trump is heading for a Constitution Crisis.  Ah, the mid terms.

Source: Ex-GOP WH official: Evangelical defense of Trump is ‘complete hypocrisy’

Are they getting the message.  Hypocrisy runs wild particularly on the issue of ‘Common Sense Gun Legislation’.  If the second amendment (not a god given right) overshadows a god given sixth commandment (Thou shalt not Kill) there is a serious conflict somewhere.  Their President sits by,  adds no support, so  they are complicit and just as responsible as he is.