Source: Parkland Survivor: ‘I’ve Never Been So Unimpressed By A Person’ After Trump Call

The surviving victims of the Parkland School shooting deserved so much more then a visit by this empty suit.  “I heard you are a big fan of me”……you’ve got to be kidding.  When can we get this moron out of our system?  His only solution to the carnage we experience in our schools is more guns.

Source: CNN Poll: Opinion of the Republican Party falls to all-time low – CNNPolitics

It’s pretty hard to say what this poll says any better.  The Key to making America great again isn’t even close to being understood by the GOP.  The future belongs to the independents and progressive thinking Americans who better understand the swamp that has been created in Washington.  What an opportunity we have to truly change the political landscape.

Source: The Trump administration refused to enact election-related sanctions on Russia. Fox News barely covered it.

So, what is the best resolve when the President doesn’t even care.  How about starting the impeachment process.  His refusal to exercise sanctions against Russia when the House and Senate voted for them is a gross dereliction of duty.  This on top of all the other derelictions since taking office qualifies him as a clear and present danger to the democratic process and a candidate for removal from office.

Source: McCain, Coons to introduce bipartisan immigration bill that doesn’t fund border wall

Looks like some Republicans are thumbing their noses at the Trump Administration and particularly the Border Wall.  This year, the year for the Mid Term elections, support is falling off.  As the new bills are presented the whole immigration question takes on a new meaning.  DACA is becoming less of a bargaining chip.

A constitutional crisis is brewing in the Keystone State.

Source: Pennsylvania GOP Defies Anti-Gerrymandering Court Order

Gerrymandering is clearly the issue of the day.  While the GOP leadership thumbs their nose at the courts and the Mid Term elections draw closer the Democrats should be livid.  The Outrage should be prevalent in every local corner of politics.  The State of Georgia is victim to the long held tradition of drawing the boundaries to favor Republican Candidates.  We need no further proof then to simply look at the Imbalance of political representation here in the State.