Independent Lines | Independent Lines Survey

Source: Independent Lines | Independent Lines Survey

You won’t be able to take the survey here but it is being posted for your information.  A search on the internet could possibly result in making it available if you are inclined to take it.  Recently, gerrymandering has become an important issue for states so we are likely to see more attempts to bring into the light.

Preparing for the Mid Terms.

This is an election year.  The mid terms…….not to be overlooked or underestimated.  The prediction of a Blue Tsunami is more real then one might imagine.  The alignment of several electoral factors bring us closer to the undoing of the tremendously unpopular Trump administration.  The Habersham Democrat Web Pages have become more mobile this year and we invite not only party members but independent and swing voters to join the conversation on bringing some balance back to our federal government and show our support for local, regional and state elected positions.

If your are one of those that has seen enough and wish to place your name on a ballot for any non partisan or partisan position you could start here.

Welcome all to the Mid Term conversation.

A Record Amount of Women Are Running in the 2018 Elections | Time

Meet the candidates

Source: A Record Amount of Women Are Running in the 2018 Elections | Time.T

There is a Blue Tsunami heading our way.  With 26,000 women vying for political positions all over America.  Here are a few who believe deeply that a better America is only possible through their engagement in our political system.  They might be right.  One has said,  ” I can do just as crappy a job as my representative does every day”.  Can’t wait for the Mid Terms.