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Since returning to American soil after episode after episode of disgraceful verbal exchanges in both England and Finland with both friend and foe we are left breathless.  The shame and despair felt by Trumps speeches and actions are epic.  The media, in it’s frenzy, is  talking about Treason.  Violations of our Constitution.  If he violated the Constitution why is Congress not considering his actions at the level of a Constitutional Crisis?

Source: ‘Worst Mistake I Ever Made’: Union Support Nosedives as Workers Express Regret for Trump Votes

Very important voter position.  This coupled with the womens movement, the youth vote and the general disgust with the GOP over almost everything, the blue tsunami is heading straight for the midterms.  The predictions are becoming more credible every day.  The Amateuristic game that is playing out in Washington is now at the lowest level possible.  We have hit the bottom.  The American thing to do at this point is to declare censorship on the entire Trump administration.  No Confidence.  Impeach and establish a special election to replace the entire administration.

Stacey Abrams won Georgia’s Democratic primary in the gubernatorial race Tuesday, becoming the state’s first woman nominee for governor from either major party.

Source: Stacey Abrams wins Democratic nomination in Georgia, could become first black female governor in U.S. history

Now that the primaries are over, thoughts of what Georgia Politics could look like in the future loom large.  Take a look at what this means.  With the KKK still active in the South the progressives run a Black, Female for governor.  GOP dominance could be a thing of the past in the South.  Hope Springs eternal for November.  Whatever we do from now until then a time to step up is our challenge.  Let’s make something good happen here.  Register and vote in November for change that is long past due.

Source: The unprecedented corruption of Donald Trump

Much like the Don’s of the Mafia back in the day.  The deal that can’t be refused is always on his mind.  The rules of engagement are also similar.  Seek out and destroy all that doesn’t resemble chaos, fear and devotion to the master.  Surrounding himself with incompetence so he and he alone shines.  None of this has him prepared to navigate the political challenges on the world stage.  As soon as a star rises, it falls.  The only thing that is sure is that the corruption will continue until the American people undo the terrible disgrace that is playing out every day.  The hope that the embarrassment will stop is a disgusting place to be.  We are so close to constitutional crisis now with the Mueller investigations due to conclude and the Midterms sneaking into view, one can only hope the American conscience steps up to the plate and does the right thing.


Source: Gov. Cuomo in open letter to Trump: ‘You were elected to lead – do something’ about gun violence

Every Governor throughout America should do the same.  Congress has no will to stand up against Gun Violence.  The choice of our leadership to ignore this issue makes them part of the problem.  At the current rate of creating solutions we are guaranteed the perpetuation of a seriously out of control public health problem.  It is time, maybe well past time now, to declare the Trump Administration the Total Dysfunctional Administration it has proven to be.

There has never in the history of the United States been a better time to VOTE this administration out of existence.  

Source: The anti-Obama: Trump’s drive to destroy his predecessor’s legacy

This pretty much speaks for itself.  As Trump trudges through his misguided campaign promises with a vengeance and destroys Obamas’ legacy he leaves a nation bewildered and confused.  The government is in a state of complete chaos causing the world to be equally confused.  Partisan politics got us to this stage.  We have lost any sense of finding common cause.

Source: Democrats Are Losing Millennial Support They Need to Win Midterms, New Poll SuggestsNewsweek

So, there’s a problem in River City folks.  Millennial Support.  The Blue Tsunami expected in November at the polls relies on Millennial Support.  Without it, not much of a Tsunami.  Will this be the weakness the Democratic Party won’t see in time.  With a history of not getting all the ducks in a row prior to elections.  Remember 2016?